We have a perfect option when you have an event and some of your guests can't be present. Especially if we are talking about a unique event like your wedding, your resort opening, or maybe you want to do live streaming of a property you want to rent or sell.

The benefit of live streaming is that people can see what is happening in real-time without physically being there. Your event will have a greater reach and at the same time you are creating content for your social media. It's one of the best ways to make everybody feel part of a special moment.


Is it your dream to celebrate your wedding in Mexico? We know there are some challenges when you celebrate something far away from home, and one of them is to have your loved one’s travel and be there with you. For this situation we have an amazing solution; our drone will be live streaming your wedding, from a different perspective, which will let them enjoy your event and not miss any detail.

One of the most attractive marketing tools is to show people what your resort or property looks like on a normal day because you want them to imagine how it feels to be there, and they want to see real material: you can get that from live streaming. It's also the best option when you have a new opening or after a renovation in your building.

Piano Hotel Photo

Music event at dinner time at Ocean El Faro

Depending on your live streaming platform you can also have audio in order to involve your audience and make your content even more interesting. Give your online audience the best motivation to visit your resort or property, and also to be part of your events.

The advantage of live streaming with drone is that the drone will be flying above the event, leaving the audience to appreciate and enjoy the event. It is also a really good option if you are going to have a large-scale event that probably requires people to know what is happening in other parts of the location, like in festivals, surf events, or auctions.

Fireworks Event Wedding Cancun

Event coverage by DreamArt Photography