How Drones Are Changing Tourism Marketing

The best way to motivate people to make a reservation in your resort is by showing them that you are the best option.

It's an art to transmit an emotion to someone who is not living the same moment as you or to someone you can't talk to: that's why videography is becoming more important every day.

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools to create original content to impress your future guests. Drone videography is one of the best tools to make incredible videos; drones can capture images from new perspectives that enable us to visualize the values and essence of a resort, (show the best angles for architecture), one of the factors that influence possible guests at the moment of making a reservation.

Drone photo Pool Beach Hotel

Drone Photography by DreamArt Photography. Ocean Varadero el Patriarca (Cuba)

Why it's so important to show your resort?

There are so many reasons why people travel and when they do, they always search for places to make them feel comfortable like when they are at home. It's a challenge to transmit comfort to your clients, especially if it's the first time they are going to visit your resort.

Now, as most people do everything through the internet, this is where you have to catch their eye. Photography and videography are becoming essentials if you want to do online sales or reservations. Showing off the architecture and installations of your resort is not an option anymore, it's a must.

Photo Room Hotel

Drone Photography by DreamArt Photography. Hilton Canopy Cancun

Drone filmmaking allows potential guests to visually visit your resort from their own home and FVP drone has no boundaries because you are not going to show only the architecture, you are going to transmit the emotions of being there and when you inspire them or create emotions, we are sure they will not resist spending their vacation in your resort.

FPV (first-person view) DRONE

DreamArt Photography is proud to bring the newest drone technology to Mexico.

Unlike traditional drone videography, this new cinematography allows us to be in the action, rather than looking down on it. These drones are able to create breathtaking content, giving the sensation of actually walking there. We can film outside and indoor locations, which make a complete video with just one camera.

Drone photo Hotel Los Cabos Beach

Drone Photography by DreamArt Photography. Solaz Los Cabos

Drone photography services are located principally in Mexico City but you can find DreamArt Photography in Riviera Maya which means we have the experience of flying drones over the sea and also in the resorts close to the beach, challenging conditions because of the wind. The FPV drone is also perfect for indoor videos, something traditional drones cannot do. This enables you to have video content of how your resort looks from inside with a different perspective compared to normal video footage as with this drone you will have panoramic images of the rooms.

It's impressive the way this drone really makes you feel like you are there: the quality of every video leaves you speechless, your guests will not have any doubts about making a reservation because you will give them a little taste of all the amenities your hotel has and the ambiance they will live there.

Are you ready to have the most original images and videos of your resort?

Allow your guests to travel from within their own home with the best FPV Drone for filming.